My name is Dimitri Feenstra and I’m from the north of The Netherlands. I was born in 1977 in a small village named Hommerts which is in the province Friesland. As a small boy I always loved drawing and painting and my dream was to become a painter of art.

And so I went to the academy of Arts Minerva in Groningen where I graduated in 2001. After this I did my Master of Fine Arts at Frank Mohr Instituut, MFA Painting in Groningen and in 2003 I received my degree. I have been a professional and international artist for over 20 years now.

I keep my work as versatile as possible and do not limit myself to one subject or technique. This way I keep things interesting for myself and it helps me to develop myself in the broadest possible way.

Two subjects I paint a lot are birds and landscapes, preferably to perception and often on paper. My method of painting appears sketchy and spontaneous. I choose to keep my compositions simple. The traces of the brushstrokes and the texture of the paint are visible and therefore important visual elements. For me it is more important to display the atmosphere and experience of a landscape than an exact, true-to-nature picture of the exact landscape.

Besides the wooded area where I live, I love to paint the “Waddengebied”. The “Waddengebied” is a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List and exists of a range of Frisian islands and a shallow body of water with tidal flats and wetlands. The skies are often impressive and the colour changings of the light are a big inspiration for me. I can often be found painting in this area.

I print my woodcuts in my own Art Studio and my etchings and aquatints at 'Grafisch Atelier Friesland' in Leeuwarden. If you like, you can buy some of my work through my Etsy store (you can find it on my 'Etsy Shop' page or click here), including original paintings as well as hand printed prints and cards. 

My paintings are in galleries and private collections worldwide.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through my 'Contact' page or send me an e-mail: info@dimitrifeenstra.nl

Have a nice day and God bless,



VWO, Bornego College, Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Art & Design, NHL Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Royal Academy of Art, Bachelor of Arts, The Hague, The Netherlands

Art Academy Minerva, Bachelor of Arts, Groningen, The Netherlands

Frank Mohr Institute, MFA Painting, Master in Fine Arts, Groningen, The Netherlands

Teacher Visual Art & Design, NHL Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Teacher Graphic Design, ROC Friese Poort, Drachten, The Netherlands

Teacher Graphic Design, ROC Deltion College, Zwolle, The Netherlands


’Grafiek Bienale 40×40’, Kunstruimte H47, Leeuwarden
30 september t/m 12 november 2023

‘Ameland in waterverf’, Galerie November, Nes, Ameland
maart t/m juli 2024

I have exhibited a lot annually for the past 20 years, and there are too many to list them all. So here are some highlights:

‘21 Tekeningen en Schilderijen’, Gemeentehuis Herema State, Joure (my first exhibition)
‘Inherent’, groepsexpositie, Kunsthuis de Permanente, Groningen
Duo exhibition with Leslie Kamps, Kunstcentrum DeFKa, Assen
‘Coming Out’, groupsexhibition MFA Painting, Frank Mohr Instituut MFA / Hunter College MFA, New York, USA
‘Outframed’, eindexamententoonstelling MFA Painting, De Puddingfabriek, NP3, Galerie Jacoba Wijk, Galerie Sign, Groningen
‘Waddenkunstprijs 2003’, groepsexpositie, Museum Het Hannemahuis, Harlingen
Duo expositie met Pascal van der Graaf, De Noordelijke Kunsthof, Appingedam
‘Dimitri Feenstra’, Solo expositie, Galerie Sjoch, Beetsterzwaag
‘Schilderijen en grafiek’, Kunstlievend genootschap Pictura, Groningen
‘Miscellaneous’, Galerie Noord, Groningen
‘Spiegels van de ziel’, solo expositie iconen, Mariakerk, Blessum
‘One minutes on tour’, exhibtion with Mari Stoel, Powerstation Of Art, Shanghai , China
‘De bossen’, Landgoed Oranjestein, solo expositie, Oranjewoud
‘Texel Plein Air’, met Sonja Brussen, Gertjan Scholte Albers en Peter de Rijcke, Galerie Posthuys, De Koog
‘De Fryske Winters’, groepstentoonstelling, Galerie BAS, Sneek
‘The World Around You’, group exhibition, Galerie RAR, Spijkenisse
‘Fria Overzee 4.0’, Galerie ‘t Spinsel en Hotel Skylge, Midsland en West-Terschelling, Terschelling
‘Fria im Friedland’, Turmgalerie der Burg, Friedland, Germany
‘Paintings & Graphics’, Galerie It Koetshûs, Makkum
‘Dimitri in Waddenland’, Kerk Klein Wetsinge, Winsum(GN)
’Grafiek Bienale 40×40’, Kunstruimte H47, Leeuwarden